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Little smiles is a Dental Care centre for comprehensive therapeutic and preventive dental care of pre-school and school children. It is projected as "Dental Home" for children (based on current concepts of 'dental home' as per the American association of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines).

Our Child-friendly Centres

Why are children scared of visiting a dentist?
Perhaps, it is due to the intimidating clinical atmosphere and associated fear provoking words and sights of ‘injections’, and sounds of ‘drills’, etc.! In order to guide children well through their dental experience in a positive and comfortable manner, we have an innovative chain of pediatric dental clinics ‘little smiles - dental care centre for children’.
‘little smiles’ is the a dental care centre exclusively for children. The centre interior is designed to appeal to all children. The decor of each centre is planned considering the mindset of children and hence, does not resemble a routine clinic.
At ‘little smiles’, a child’s first dental visit is pleasant and comfortable. Use of fresh colours on walls, artist’s paintings, wall papers and appropriate lighting has resulted in an amazing ambience at each centre. The centres are designed utilizing the space available judiciously. Dental equipment is well- integrated into the contours of the interior. Each centre has one consultation room, 1-3 dental operatories, a comfortable waiting area with a play zone for children.
When children enter the office for the first time, their eyes widen seeing the jungle theme on the wall, ample toys and games such as a slide or a basket ball counter, and colorful ambience.
The consultation room has enough ideas to distract a child’s attention away from other dental equipment! Different cartoon stickers on the dental chair and the x- ray machine, a fish tank and toys help reduce a child’s anxiety.
Each centre has pediatric dental chairs with attractive features. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and uses only the highest quality materials for treatment. The design also has given due importance to maintaining sterilization and disinfection. The design is also ergonomic.